Would You Like Fries with that Skull?

This story really needs only a one-word introduction, so here it is…


“There are a lot of bodies and it smells like hell. It’s full of diseases there, what are you doing there?” shouts Zilan, the local female commander of Kurdish troops in this dusty village.

“I am making tea,” a fighter replies in the ruins of a house that was previously used by a local ISIS commander, but destroyed by a coalition air strike here in Hasakah province in northwest Syria. As he and his comrades finish up their fried chicken and french fries, they seem to hardly notice the skulls and bones of killed ISIS fighters.

Such is life and death on this new front line in the U.S.-backed war against ISIS where a coalition of Kurdish and Arab fighters recently launched operations with heavy American air support.

You will want to read the whole thing, of course.