Border Controls, Schmorder Controls

(Map courtesy VOA)

(Map courtesy VOA)

While Europe talks, migrants walk:

As the flow of Syrians, Afghans and others through the Balkans toward Western Europe continued unabated Sunday, European leaders meeting in Brussels may agree to send 400 border guards and set up new checkpoints if the EU’s frontier states drop their policy of giving arrivals passage to other countries, according to a draft statement.

“We commit to immediately increase our efforts to manage our borders,” according to a draft statement seen by Reuters that must still be agreed upon.

Also to be discussed, according to the draft: deploying more ships off Greece and agreeing not to send migrants from one country to another without prior agreement.

The story notes that nearly three quarters of a million migrants have entered Europe so far this year, with many or most hoping to stay in Germany. But the real pressure seems to be on the Balkans:

Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania said they would close their borders if Germany or other countries shut the door on refugees. Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said Saturday that such consultation “is impossible.”

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Sunday he was prepared for “hard, not very pleasant” talks, but hoped leaders could work out a “comprehensive solution.”

Vucicsaid Serbia would not “put up any walls” but suggested his country will not agree to be the only migrant stop if countries farther west close their borders.

As big of a clusterfudge as this already is, I’d just remind you of one more thing…

Winter is coming.