Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

As ♡bamaCare!!!’s noncompliance penalties are set to rise in a big way next year, the Obama Administration is changing its push:

“More and more, people are mentioning the sticks as well as the carrots,” said Katherine Hempstead, director of health insurance coverage for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a nonpartisan organization that has helped facilitate the insurance expansion under Obama’s law.

Hempstead says the message about penalties resonates with uninsured people, who are generally cash-strapped low- and middle-income workers.

A lot of people cite it as the main reason for signing up, she said. “It’s the law and they don’t want to pay the penalty.”

Administration officials are looking for a balance.

“We need to be make sure that we are very clear and explicit about that $695 penalty so people understand the choice they are making,” said spokeswoman Lori Lodes.

Dear Low- and Middle-Income Americans: Buy the health insurance you can’t afford to use, or face a penalty you can’t afford to pay.

Progressivism is such a charming political system, don’t you think?

Then there’s this:

The requirement that individuals get health insurance or face fines remains the most unpopular part of President Barack Obama’s health care law, a prime target of Republican repeal efforts.

In other words, the part of ♡bamaCare!!! most needed to make ♡bamaCare!!! work, is the major part of ♡bamaCare!!! most likely to be repealed.

That Means It’s Working™