The Inmates Really Are Running the Asylum

What you are about to read is not a parody news item, it is in fact a real story written by Tim Mak & Nancy Youssef — two genuine journalists whom this blogger trusts for real news items about things which really happened.


The Russian airstrikes on Syria are a sign that U.S. policy is working, a senior State Department official told shocked Syrian-American advocates in a private meeting on Monday.

The “Russians wouldn’t have to help Assad if we didn’t weaken him,” U.S. special envoy for Syria Michael Ratney said, according to multiple participants in the meeting and contemporaneous notes. Russian intervention, he went on to say, is a sign of success for American policy on Syria.

The special envoy’s remarks come even as Russia began launching long-range cruise missiles into Syria from the Caspian Sea. It’s a move that Pentagon officials called an attempt to both emasculate the United States and support the Assad regime.

“This is Russia demonstrating on a global stage that it has a lot of reach,” one U.S. defense official explained. “And we are not responding.”

Rainey isn’t incompetent. He isn’t an amateur. He isn’t even out of his depth.

He’s delusional.