Can PA Come Out to Play?

(Chart courtesy Quinnipiac/RealClearPolitics)

(Chart courtesy Quinnipiac/RealClearPolitics)

Quinnipiac published some their first head-to-head matchup numbers in the vital swing states of Florida, Ohio, and… Pennsylvania?

Blue Pennsylvania? The GOP’s will-o-the-wisp for almost 30 years?

That Pennsylvania?

Yes. Pennsylvania.

Note that Hillary Clinton loses to everybody but Trump. Rubio is the next-weakest GOP contender, and yet even he beats Clinton by better than the margin of cheating.

Biden on the other hand — and this really makes you wonder about the timing of the poll — beats everybody except Carson.

And it feels like rubbing it in to mention this, but even Bernie Sanders beats Trump. And he does so by a wider margin than Clinton does.

If PA is in play, it’s difficult to see the Democrats taking OH or FL — FL especially if there’s a Bush or a Rubio on the ticket. In that scenario, MN and WI might even be up for grabs, and Harry Reid’s NV machine doesn’t seem to be what it once was.

I’d like to see the RNC start hitting the PA burbs soon, and hitting them hard.