Putin's War

I bet Vladimir Putin thinks it’s kinda cute when US officials try to act as forward air controllers for Russian warplanes in Syria.

Sooooo cute:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States would have “grave concerns” if Russia used its airstrikes in Syria to support President Bashar Assad against groups other than Islamic State or al-Qaida.

Kerry spoke as Russia launched its first airstrikes in Syria targeting what it said were Islamic State positions. U.S. officials and others cast doubt on that claim, saying the Russians appeared to be attacking opposition groups fighting Syrian government forces. On Wednesday, some U.S.-backed rebel groups claimed they were hit by Russian airstrikes but those claims could not be confirmed.

At the White House, presidential spokesman Josh Earnest also expressed concern over the Russia’s actions.

The last Obama White House spokesmodel, Jay Carney, evidently thought it was cute to have Soviet propaganda posters in his house.

Speaking of cute, read how Obama is “adamant” that Assad must go:

A day after clashing with Russian President Vladimir Putin over how to handle the crisis in Syria, Obama hosted a counterterrorism summit at the United Nations to take stock of the one-year air war against IS fighters in Iraq and Syria.

‘In Syria … defeating ISIL requires, I believe, a new leader,’ Obama told the gathering, held on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

We have concerns, grave concerns, and wishful thinking. Putin has warplanes bombing the crap out of Assad’s enemies.

This is Putin’s War now.