Biden Has Got to Jump In

The stars are aligned. (AP photo)

The stars are aligned.
(AP photo)

There’s a Democratic frontrunner whose poll numbers are on a slow-motion nosedive — except for her negatives which have shot up like a junky on a street corner in be Blasio’s New York City.

The next in line for the nomination is a self-proclaimed Socialist so far to the left that he couldn’t join a party which plays host to the likes of Barbara Mikulski, Kirsten Gillibrand, or Al Franken.

Waiting in the wings is another leftwing Senator who could rob Bernie Sanders of his “progressive” base, while getting her needed seasoning by taking over the Veep’s job.

And now there’s this:

Joe Biden hasn’t yet announced his plans for a 2016 White House bid, but a new poll shows that he would enter the race as the most popular presidential candidate if he chose to toss his hat into the ring.

According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 40 percent of Americans have a positive impression of Biden, while 28 percent have a negative impression (+12).

That’s compared to fellow Democrats Bernie Sanders (+10) and Hillary Clinton (-8), and to top-tier GOP candidates Ben Carson (+8), Carly Fiorina (+7) and Donald Trump (-33).

Biden would also out-perform Clinton in hypothetical head-to-head general election matchups against top Republican presidential hopefuls.

CNN is even willing to keep a seat warm for him at the first debate:

Vice President Joe Biden will be invited to participate in the first Democratic presidential primary debate if he declares his intention to seek his party’s nomination as late as the day of the debate, eligibility criteria released Monday by CNN shows.

It’s time, Joe — RUN!