FBI to State: Drop Dead!

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Well, maybe the Fibbies weren’t quite so forceful, but still:

The FBI has declined to give the State Department any kind of progress report on its efforts to recover documents from Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

In fact, the FBI declines even to tell the State Department what it has already admitted publicly — that it’s doing an investigation.

“At this time, consistent with long-standing Department of Justice and FBI policy, we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any ongoing investigation, nor are we in a position to provide additional information at this time,” the FBI told the State Department in a letter dated today, according to a court filing in one of the email FOIA cases.

The thrill of the Sword of Damocles isn’t how high it dangles but is instead the timing of its fall.