The Left Jumps the Shark -- in a Rocketship

(Poster courtesy TriStar Pictures)

(Poster courtesy TriStar Pictures)

There are things the sane mind cannot imagine, places so dark and twisted it cannot go, cannot even begin to conceive exist.

One of those things is The Guardian. One of those places is the mind of Jess Zimmerman.

Read, if you dare:

Of course, uber-wealthy tech entrepreneurs aren’t just buying rockets for their personal amusement. They’re founding or investing in space travel – they want to get you off-planet, too. Well, not you-you, but someone like you with much, much, much more money.

And that’s where the vogue for billionaire space travel magnates gets a little weird –and maybe even sinister. It’s already very true that money expands your world; the person with the funds to have a car is less restricted in her movements than the person without one, and the person with a huge plane and the money to fly it is less restricted still.

The expansion of rich people’s travel horizons comes at a price for everyone, both rich and poor. With the exception of America’s weirdly-expensive Amtrak system, cost and luxury scale with fossil fuel consumption; travel that costs more and feels more indulgent is also travel that has a cataclysmic effect on the environment. The faster and further you can afford to travel, the greater your environmental footprint. And often, the people less able to travel are the ones left holding the toxic-chemical and pollution-filled bag.

That’s right. Rich people will found space colonies to escape the planet they’re destroying for their space colonies.

Because money.