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Summer fling, don't mean a thing, but uh-oh those summer nights. (AP photo)

Summer fling, don’t mean a thing, but uh-oh those summer nights.
(AP photo)

Flings are fun. Even the word fling is fun. But Andrea Ruth explains the dangers lurking behind a summer fling:

Over the summer Republican presidential candidates, political pundits and social media types have tried to push back against the Trump Fling, but to no avail. Somehow his poll numbers – to the bafflement of every sane, thinking person – have continued to rise despite spouting an incoherent and often offensive platform and engaging in petty 3rd grade level personal attacks. (Arguably worse than Trump himself are his little minions who viciously take up for him with rabid loyalty and delusion.)

Unfortunately, The Huffington Post has been the only major news outlet who saw The Fling for what it was almost immediately and moved the Trumpalooza to the Entertainment section in July. Other outlets have been disappointing in their constant coverage of The Apprentice star, probably the most surprising of which was Fox News’ Sean Hannity last month. All of this media attention in order to pull ratings has caused this summer’s fling to drag on far too long.

With Trump’s numbers reaching in to the 30s, we’re in danger of getting into an actual relationship with The Fling.

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