It Isn't Just Hillary

The FBI is just getting started:

EmailGate has barely touched the White House directly, although it’s clear that some senior administration officials beyond the State Department were aware of Hillary’s unorthodox email and server habits, given how widely some of the emails from Clinton and her staff were forwarded around the Beltway. Obama’s inner circle may not be off-limits to the FBI for long, however, particularly since the slipshod security practices of certain senior White House officials have been a topic of discussions in the Intelligence Community for years.

Hillary Clinton was far from the only senior Obama appointee to play fast and loose with classified materials, according to Intelligence Community insiders. While most counterspies agree that Hillary’s practices—especially using her own server and having her staffers place classified information into unclassified emails, in violation of Federal law—were especially egregious, any broad-brush investigation into security matters are likely to turn up other suspects, they maintain.


This is the most entitled crew to staff the White House since maybe ever — an attitude which starts at the very top.

The question isn’t if foreign intelligence has years of our secrets, or even how many secrets were spilled. The question is how many years will it take to clean up the damage, and how much we’ll be hurt until then.


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