Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Politico just now noticed that the ♡bamaCare!!! Cadillac tax* “could wreck popular medical accounts.”

Since I’ve already used “no s***, Sherlock” once today, I’ll just quote you Politico’s belated take:


Flexible spending accounts, which allow people to save their own money tax free for everything from doctor’s co-pays to eyeglasses, may vanish in coming years as companies scramble to avoid the law’s 40 percent levy on pricey health care benefits.

“They’ll be one of the first things to go,” said Rich Stover, a health care actuary and principal at Buck Consultants, an employee benefits consulting firm. “It’s a death knell for them. If the Cadillac tax doesn’t change, FSAs will go away very quickly.”

That fact alone could dramatically alter the political equation surrounding Obamacare, potentially blindsiding middle-class voters who may be only vaguely aware of the Cadillac tax.

This comes from Politico’s Brian Faler, who presumably spent January 2009 through July 2015 in some kind of coma.

EXIT QUESTION: If middle class voters are only “vaguely aware” of a great big tax aimed right at their health insurance plan, where might a political news service — named, say, “Politico” — most fairly place the blame for such ignorance?

*Soon to be a Camry tax, and eventually a ’79 Ford Pinto tax, since it isn’t indexed for inflation.


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