Perry's Slow Fade Continues

Allahpundit details the defection of Rick Perry’s Iowa man, Sam Clovis, to the Trump campaign:

Perry’s campaign only raised $1 million in June. By comparison, notes CNN, Ted Cruz raised $1 million on his first day in the race. So why’d Clovis leave? Was it a money thing or a going-nowhere-in-the-polls thing? He told the Austin American-Statesman that it was more of a communication thing: “I had not heard from the campaign in quite some time and I assessed that they were making adjustments based on their situation and I was not part of that conversation. I had said I would hang in there with him early on but I never heard from them.” Hmmm. Clovis was their Iowa chairman; it seems … unlikely that they’d cut him out of their early-state planning for a few weeks. Meanwhile, he sure has sounded excited about Trumpmania lately in interviews with WaPo.


Allah adds that “At this rate, it’s hard to believe he won’t be the first mid-major candidate out of the race.”

Followed in short order, I imagine, by Jindal and Christie. Christie is just a bad fit for the national GOP, and Jindal is much like Perry in that he’s an articulate and successful governor who has somehow failed to connect with primary voters. Trump sucking the oxygen out of every room hasn’t helped.

Rand Paul should be on this list, but he has a hard core of supporters who, like his father, will be enough for him to keep the money machine and the organization growing for future efforts.

But as of right now, there’s Trump, the never-rans just described, and the remaining not-quite-rans who had better up their own games and quit playing Trump’s.


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