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John Schindler — mentioned briefly here this morning on a related matter — explains why the White House is hanging Hillary out to dry:

When she held the top job at Foggy Bottom Condoleezza Rice had a unclassified email account. Which she used sparingly but did, on occasion, use. In fact, most top leaders in Washington, DC, use email sparingly, they’re simply very busy people. How Hillary found the time to send tens of thousands of emails when she was sitting in Foggy Bottom is another question that may prove interesting to the FBI.

But there is no debating that, by refusing to use emails at all at any time, Hillary was rejecting the precedent set by her predecessor (and used by her successor, John Kerry).

The prodigious Team Hillary lies must stop. With each new, flat-out lie, she is damaging her party and the country. It’s time to come clean and end this charade. There’s not much time left — the FBI will end its investigation eventually, and I doubt Clinton, Inc. will like what the Bureau finds.


That’s not to say that the FBI won’t bow to political pressure. But it’s easy to imagine more than one scenario where that pressure is used to force Hillary out in exchange for exoneration, rather than to protect her status as the presumptive Democratic nominee.


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