Clinton Camp: No Bed Wetting!

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(Clinton campaign spokesperson Chip Diller delivers a message to worried Hillary supporters.)

Remain calm, all is well:

As questions mount about Hillary Clinton’s emails, her campaign is sending out a new message to supporters: “No bed wetting.”

The mantra is a familiar one, borrowed from President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, when top aide David Plouffe used the phrase to calm jittery Democrats in the face of hurdles.

The urging for calm from her campaign comes after news that the team of intelligence community reviewers looking at emails from Clinton’s private server have identified 305 documents that have been referred to their agencies for further consultation.

Clinton campaign officials argue that, given the growing number of agencies reviewing Clinton’s emails, it makes sense that there would be a debate about what should be considered classified. Aides continue to insist that Clinton never sent or received any emails that were marked as classified.


“No bed wetting” is hardly a sign of confidence over at Camp Clinton.

I’d also draw your attention to the Clintonian phrasing at play in the last graf — “marked as classified.”

Which begs the question, Who stripped the markings and on whose authority?

I’d also point out that whether or not the emails were marked as classified, possession of them on a private server is illegal. So is removing the marks. If you or I did these things, we’d have been fired and probably very quickly brought up on charges.

Hillary Clinton belongs in jail.

MORE: This ought to help.

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Watch Clinton’s body language. Listen to hear engage by saying “mmm” and “mmm-mmm” over and over again.

But remember, no bed wetting.

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