It's All Over But the Shouting

The couple in happier times.  (AP photo)

The couple in happier times.
(AP photo)

Nuclear talks with Iran go nuclear:

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif got into a heated argument which evolved into a shouting match with his American counterpart, Secretary of State John Kerry, during nuclear talks this week, reports the Washington Free Beacon.

According to the report, the argument between the two was so intense that a Kerry aide “tip-toed into the room” to remind the men that everyone in the building could hear them shouting.

Zarif has lashed out at Western negotiators on many occasions, according to the Free Beacon. He reportedly “erupted” at EU negotiator Federica Mogherini when she mentioned Iran’s role in destabilizing the Middle East.

“Never try to threaten the Iranians,” Zarif yelled on another occasion when it was mentioned that the P5+1 could end the nuclear talks because of Iranian intransigence.

The Administration has already caved on most major issues, the sanctions regime is falling apart — what’s left to shout about?