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(Image courtesy LiveLeak/New York Daily News)

(Image courtesy LiveLeak/New York Daily News)

Meanwhile, in California:

An overjoyed driver in Los Angeles captured a wild encounter with a naked man who is seen leaping on passing cars and stopping traffic smack in the middle of a major highway.

The unidentified man strips to his birthday suit on the busy Interstate 5, sending the cameraman into a fit of laughter as he filmed the bizarre broad-daylight peep show.

“Unf—— believable! I’ve seen it f—— all! This is f—— amazing!” the driver says in the nearly 2-minute clip published to LiveLeak on Saturday.

The nude exhibitionist at one point dives face down onto the windshield of a passing car, then slides off and crouches on the road.

You know you’re not supposed to do that, right?

LiveLeak has the video, which is just as pointlessly entertaining as you might imagine. There’s some NSFW language, plus, you know, naked guy on the interstate.