Meet the Press -- Please

Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. (AP photo)

Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain.
(AP photo)

Zach Cohen performed yeoman’s work, collecting and collating every single question Hillary Clinton has taken from the press since launching her “campaign” two weeks ago — and each of her answers.

Actually, it wasn’t so much hard labor for Cohen as it was some copying and pasting, since it seems the “candidate” has fielded just seven questions from the mainstream media during her “campaign.” That is, she’s taken fewer than one question every other day. That’s not even four per week.

Here’s a sample:

Question 2: “…Regarding the play for pay allegations in the latest book, emails back in 2012.”— WMUR, a local ABC affiliate in New Hampshire.

Clinton: “You know, those issues are, in my view, distractions from what this campaign should be about, what I’m going to make this campaign about, and I’ll let other people decide what they want to talk about. I’m going to talk about what’s happening in the lives of the people of New Hampshire and across America. Thank you, all.”

All of her answers are like that one — evasive non-answers to substantive questions about serious subjects.

The press will take a lot of abuse from, and provide a lot of cover for, favored candidates. But like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, they will not be ignored!

That’s why I’ve been putting “candidate” and “campaign” in scare quotes for the last week or so, as Clinton has shown she’s not interested in real campaigning, and until and unless she does, she isn’t a real candidate.

Zach Cohen at National Journal seems to have figured this out, too.

Who’s next?