You're on Candid Dashcam

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Hot from The Blaze, skip ahead to about the 2:00 mark to see a stupid, avoidable accident — caused by two jerk drivers and captured on dashcam.

If you do skip ahead, here’s the setup. A jerk in a Camaro attempted to pass a pickup truck on the right — moving in from directly behind a semi. The pickup driver turned out to be just as big of a jerk, speeding up and then pacing the semi, effectively trapping the Camaro alongside the semi.

Two idiots, I’d wager, with big engines and tiny penises.

Everybody else on the road — especially the semi driver — deserved better.

Fortunately no one was inured, but in an ideal world they’d both lose their licenses for a very long time.

UPDATE: Regarding the jerk in the pickup truck, there are really only two smart ways to deal with jerks like the one in the Camaro.

If the jerk is fast and aggressive, get over, slow down, let him pass — and stay slow long enough for him to get at least half a mile ahead of you. That way, if and when he causes an accident, it’s far enough ahead for you to avoid it.

If the jerk is slow and stupid, do what you can safely do to get in front of him. That way, when and if he causes an accident, it’s behind you.

Colorado drivers are among the worst, with more of our fair share of slow, stupid jerks hogging the passing lane. As a result, we have more than our fair share of fast, aggressive jerks trying to pass them on the right.

Don’t be a jerk.