Sally Kohn Shrugged

Oh my word — Sally Kohn just published the ultimate, untoppable “You didn’t build that!” fallacy:

In the United States, private businesses get all kinds of government support—a functional monetary system, police that safeguard private property, roads that help deliver customers and goods, public schools that educate workers, telecommunications infrastructure, legal protections against copyright and patent infringement, tax benefits for business expenses and employee health care, legal shields for owners and more. No one is forcing businesses to take advantage of all those benefits, nor forcing you to start a business to begin with nor forcing you to do so in a state with non-discrimination laws or in the United States to begin with.

Don’t like following the laws that apply to businesses—including serving all customers equally? Then don’t start a business. That’s your choice.

As someone who supports gay marriage and a pizza place’s right not to cater a gay wedding, I can only say I hope Sally Kohn’s employers decide to simply close their doors in protest of…

I dunno…


Anything, really.