Where's Hillary?

The once and future (?) presidential contender isn’t just missing from her own scandal — she’s missing from the campaign trail:

As Clinton slow-walks her way into the 2016 presidential race, many of the Democratic front-runner’s most active supporters are concerned that she’s not yet doing the kind of face-to-face politicking that is well underway by a cast of a dozen or more likely Republican candidates.

Clinton’s absence has stoked unease among her impatient supporters, who also worry about her reputation as someone uncomfortable with the nitty-gritty of retail campaigning.

“They’re anxious because so many Republican candidates are coming here, they’re flowing in, and it’s like a parade on the other side,” said New Hampshire state Sen. Lou D’Allesandro, a top Clinton backer in 2008. “Obviously she’s going to run. They’re hoping she’s going to be here so they can actually see her and engage with her and reinvigorate the campaign.”


Some possibilities:

• She’s laying low until Emailgate blows over.

• “How dare you question me, insolent proles!” is still in effect.

• She doesn’t think she needs to campaign yet, certain she has it sewn up.

• She’s not running.



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