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(AP photo)


China’s state media indulged in a bit of gloating Wednesday, as Europe’s most powerful nations announced they planned to join a Chinese-led Asian regional bank, ignoring objections from the United States.

In a commentary piece titled “Washington, what are you waiting for?” state news agency Xinhua described the United States as “petulant and cynical” for declining to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). It said the bank was open to all nations but said Washington’s “sour grapes” left it looking “isolated and hypocritical.”


In the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decisive re-election, the Obama administration is revisiting longtime assumptions about America’s role as a shield for Israel against international pressure.

Angered by Netanyahu’s hard-line platform towards the Palestinians, top Obama officials would not rule out the possibility of a change in American posture at the United Nations, where the U.S. has historically fended off resolutions hostile to Israel.

The President cannot be bothered right now with a rival power and its alternative banking system, as he is busy punishing an ally for daring to win an election against the President’s wishes.

Obama looks tiny and mean to China — which is a correct estimation. And he’s practically inviting Iran and Hezbollah into open war against Israel — which could prove a deadly estimation.

So for the Obama Administration it’s really just a typical Thursday.

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