Lack of Security Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Run away! (AP photo)

Run away! (AP photo)

What Fox News calls a “determined band of hackers, IT bloggers, and systems analysts” have been probing into the security of, and the results probably won’t surprise you:

The findings call into question Clinton’s confident declaration, at a hastily arranged news conference in New York on Tuesday, that “there were no security breaches” in her use of a private server. One prominent figure in the hacker community, bolstered by long experience in the U.S. intelligence community, has undertaken to build a virtual “replica” of Clinton’s server configuration in a cyberlab, and has begun testing it with tools designed to probe security defenses. This individual has shared details of the Clinton system not disclosed publicly but legally obtainable.

Among other things, outside experts have managed to trace the most recent location of Clinton’s server – something she did not specify during her news conference and a subject of much speculation, as the server’s physical placement would provide early clues about whether the data stored on it was adequately secured against compromise by private-sector hackers and foreign intelligence services.

Given that Clinton’s attitude thus far has been “Trust me, you insolent proles,” you shouldn’t give her the benefit of any doubt.