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Vermont is this close to putting a tax on thingy:

The House Ways and Means and Health Care Committees are considering a new tax on sugar-sweetened beverages yet again, following a similar failed proposal in 2013. H. 235, proposed by Reps. George Till and Alison Clarkson, would impose a 2-cent per ounce tax on any beverage with added sugar, from sweetened iced tea to two-liters of Coca-Cola (excluding dairy products. Dairy lobby, you know).

Jim Harrison of the Vermont Grocers & Retailers Association outlined what the 2 cents per ounce tax would mean for a number of popular products (SEE VIDEO). A 20 oz bottle of Coca-Cola would have its price increased by 40 cents, a 22 percent increase in the cost of the product. The tax levels are even more obscene on drinks sold in larger volumes. Arizona Iced Tea, which is sold in gallon jugs at most grocery stores for $2.99, would see an increase in price of $2.56 with a 2-cent tax, or a 46 percent increase. Ocean Spray juice, which is sold by the half-gallon at Walmart for $2.28, or 3.6 cents per ounce, would see a $1.28 increase, or a 35 percent increase.

But, have no illusions. This is just the beginning.

Vermont’s state motto is “Freedom and Unity,” but reality lets you choose only one of those at a time.

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