Leadership Means Begging Forgiveness?

DEM 2016 Clinton

I’m sorry this page has turned into HillaryScandalPundit today, but we must return one more time to that well. This time it’s Frank Bruni asking if Hillary Clinton has a political death wish:

She and Bill have lived their entire political lives under fire, some of it deserved, some of it not. It’s as if they decided at a certain point that they’d never get a fair shake and should cut the corners that they could and behave as they wished. Their foes would storm the gates regardless.

But there are times when the Clintons are their own worst enemies.

Insistent that his persecutors would find sexual misdeeds even where none existed, Bill gave them a blue dress and Monica Lewinsky.

Aggrieved by the way her detractors saw her as haughtily above it all, Hillary decided on an approach to emails as secretary of state that has made her look haughtily above it all.

Is that entitlement? Or hubris?

An inability to change? Or a refusal to?

I approached someone who knows the Clintons well, asked how to make sense of this and got an answer that echoed observations about them from the past: “They’d rather seek forgiveness than permission.”

You get exhausted just briefly considering another eight years of a Clinton White House.

I’m all out of forgiveness, too, and sometimes get the feeling I’m far from alone.