Child Jihadis


A new video released by ISIS on Sunday purportedly shows the terror group training children, who can be seen standing in formation, chanting, praying and participating in physical exercises.

Alex Kassirer, of global security firm and NBC News consultant Flashpoint Intelligence, said the video features Al Farouk training camp for “cubs,” or children, located in Raqqa, Syria. It is not clear when or under what circumstances the children were videotaped.

An instructor in the video indicated that among the group of about 80 youth are foreign children — possibly the children of foreign fighters who have joined the Sunni extremists’ ranks, according to Flashpoint.


I maintain what I’ve said from the start of ISIL — that the group is much more likely to burn out than to achieve its goal of establishing a real Caliphate throughout the Middle East. It’s just too cruel, too murderous, and made too many enemies to have a great chance of surviving.

What will go on, perhaps for generations, is the poison it has injected into Araby’s veins, which were never healthy to begin with.


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