Meet the Pro-Cop Black Panther

Although Houston’s Quanell X didn’t start out that way, a little training time with the Missouri City Police Department changed his mind:

“Wow. Damn,” he said, after unloading countless paintball rounds at a mock suspect who was refusing to stand down in a routine traffic stop scenario.

Quanell went through four scenarios where he was required to, “shoot, hold fire, or use his taser,” KHOU News reports.

“Shoot him in the leg? I was very close because he kept coming,” an obviously distressed Quanell said.

Most interesting was Quanell’s response to a distressed man with a baby. In that situation, Quanell chose his taser and explained, “if he would’ve pulled a lollypop out of his pocket the same way he just did, I still would’ve used forced to stop him, and then somebody could’ve said, well all he had was a lollypop. But you don’t know when it’s happening so fast like that.”

KHOU New reported that race was never a consideration for Quanell.

“If I’m in a high crime area that I’ve worked and I know it’s a high crime area and I know the kinda calls we get, I could easily see me pulling my gun on a simple call,” said Quanell.

His takeaway? Always comply with the police.


My advice is: Don’t be obsequious, but do politely and calmly comply with all legal requests.

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