Heckuva Minimum Wage Job, Brownie

Michael Brown (yes, that Michael Brown) has a wickedly cunning plan:

On Tuesday’s edition of The Michael Brown Show on 630 KHOW, Brown floated the idea of a $52.80 minimum wage — but only for the City and County of Denver. In a previous show, Brown called the idea, “A Mile High Wage for the Mile High City.”

But what’s most notable about Brown’s proposal is he could conceivably put the question to a popular vote to the citizens of Denver via the petition process, which could put elected officials like Mayor Michael Hancock in a bind. Collecting enough signatures can sometimes be a costly proposition, but in his segment on Tuesday, Brown suggested he would “crowdsource” the funding from conservatives nationwide who have often made the “reductio ad absurdum” argument about the minimum wage.

“I don’t know how much money I need, maybe 20, 30 thousand dollars. And we’ll get a petition to raise the minimum wage in the City and County of Denver to $52.80,” Brown said. “If the minimum wage helps people live, it creates more jobs, it does all of these wonderful things by itself, then why stop at 15 dollars an hour?”