Required Reading

My friend Kurt Schlichter has a powerful Town Hall column on the American military and L’ Affaire Bergdahl:

We can’t expect the Obama administration and its liberal media brownnosers to care if our military remains institutionally strong. But we should expect more from our military leaders.

Bergdahlgate is only the latest manifestation of a disastrous trend, and this failure to act on these serious allegations has the potential to further damage an already wounded American military. Let’s be clear – the fact that no general has pulled the stars off his epaulets and thrown them down on the table to protest the Bergdahl cover-up is a disgrace.

The American people love their military and – for the moment – respect it more than any other American institution. The effect of a senior general resigning rather than going along with bypassing the Uniform Code of Military Justice for political gain would send shockwaves through Washington. By failing to do the one thing they can do in a system where elected civilian politicians control the military, the generals have become part of the politicians’ lies.

Read the whole thing, and ask yourself if our top brass has been fully made to heel by the America-hating wing of the Democrat party. Because things like this certainly make it seem as though it has.