Ten Bucks for Unlimited Calls?

That’s right — but there’s a catch:

Cablevision is getting ready to pick a fight with your mobile phone company. Next month, the cable operator is going to introduce a low-cost mobile phone service dubbed Freewheel that’s based entirely on Wi-Fi connectivity. Freewheel will offer existing Cablevision internet service subscribers unlimited talk, text and data for a mere $9.95 per month. Consumers who don’t use Cablevision’s internet service can sign on for $29.95 per month.

Ten bucks is cheap, but WiFi isn’t as universally available as cellular is. That said, Cablevision appears to be going for serious disruption, and there’s nothing but time and money stopping them from rolling out massively-expanded wifi coverage. For urban users, where wifi is nearly ubiquitous, Cablevision’s offer might be a no-brainer.

Well, except for one other little catch:

At launch, Freewheel is only working with one handset: Cablevision will sell Motorola’s Moto G for $99.95, and the phone will come preloaded with apps that automatically authenticate with any of the company’s hotspots.

Moto G is a low-spec phone, aimed at the lower end of the smartphone market. And who knows just how intrusive or snoopy Cablevision’s un-uninstallable crapware will prove to be?