Sign "O" the Times

Martha McSally

It’s official: The GOP now enjoys its biggest House caucus since before Herbert Hoover went on a spending spree big enough to make a Democrat blush. Well, except for FDR and most of the Democrats who followed him. Read:


Republicans will have their largest U.S. House majority in 83 years when the new Congress convenes next month after a recount in Arizona gave the final unresolved midterm race to a Republican challenger.

Retired Air Force Col. Martha McSally won a House seat over Democratic incumbent Ron Barber by 167 votes out of nearly 220,000 cast, according to results released Wednesday.

Barber was district director for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords when he and the congresswoman were wounded in a mass shooting at apolitical event in Tucson in January 2011. Barber then won a special election to fill out the remainder of Giffords’ term after she stepped down in early 2012. He went on to defeat McSally in that year’s general election to win a full term in Congress, in a race separated by fewer than 2,500 votes.

Barber said he wouldn’t contest the results and that he called McSally to congratulate her. “I want her to be successful because the people of southern Arizona deserve that,” he said.

Congrats to McSally, but win or lose, Barber sounds like the kind of old fashioned gentleman we get too few of on Capitol Hill.


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