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Google Fiber is signing up customers in Austin:

For consumers, there are three pricing options: a $130-per-month package that bundles gigabit broadband with TV service and 1TB of cloud storage, which can be used across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. If all you’re after is speedy web access, you can subscribe to the internet-only plan (which also includes the cloud storage) for $70 each month. And just as it does in other Fiber cities, Google is offering a “basic internet” tier that includes 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speeds for nothing — after you pay the $300 construction fee to get Fiber up and running, that is. The construction fee is waived with the other plans so long as you commit to keeping service for a year. Small businesses can get gigabit speeds by paying $100 each month.

Google previously revealed it’s “exploring” bringing Fiber to other areas.


That’s a whole lot of speed at a very tempting price — but I don’t trust Google to handle my email. I’ve even switched to Duck Duck Go as my default search engine on all my devices.

Would you give your online everything to Google in exchange for $130 gigabit speed?


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