Count Floyd Says: Oooh, Scary Stuff, Iran!

The Mullahs have revealed oodles of new military gear:

The new military hardware was widely publicized by Iranian military leaders following an order by Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei urging the country’s armed forces to step up their combat readiness despite an extension in nuclear talks with the West.

The Iranian Navy displayed a crop of new vessels equipped with cruise missiles and other rockets. Also unveiled were new attack helicopters “equipped with Iran’s latest home-grown torpedoes,” according to Iranian military leaders quoted by the country’s state-controlled press.

The show of force is likely meant to send a message to the United States and other Western nations following another failed round of talks over Iran’s contested nuclear weapons program.


Color me unafraid.

Iran has been showing off new wares for a couple of decades now, and pretty much all of it has come to naught. They don’t have the engineers, the experience, the manufacturing base, or the electronics to make any of this stuff work. The best they’ve been able to manage is to keep their ’70s era Soviet and American warplanes flying, in ever decreasing numbers, by cannibalizing the ones they can’t make fly at all any more, and sometimes by jury-rigging homegrown spare parts.

What they can’t do is field a credible air force in any numbers.


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