Purple Mountains Majesty

Professional driver, strangely open course.

Professional driver, strangely open course.

Finally, something Colorado doesn’t yet suck at — speeding tickets. With a tip of the hat to Glenn, my state ranks fifth best according to Popular Mechanics:

With half as many speed traps per mile as California (and only a third as many as New Jersey) the Rocky Mountain State gets a high-five for not taxing commuters for going to work. It also collects one-fifth the amount of ticket, toll, and other fees going into state coffers and makes sure the money actually goes to building roads.

I can attest to this, being so not a slow driver and without a speeding ticket (knock on wood) since 1998.

That’s not to say I’m an idiot about it. I go slow in our neighborhood, which is winding, hilly, tree-shrouded lanes. Visibility is limited, and children, dogs, squirrels, deer, foxes, and bear are plentiful. So if you ever drop by Casa Verde for cocktails, please go the posted limit.

But on the freeway? Me and my lead foot will go as fast as conditions allow — and the conditions can be pretty darn fun sometimes.