Friday Night Videos

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I hope I’m wrong about this, but I’ve always felt that Squeeze didn’t get half the respect they deserved. They were too personal for ’70s arena rock, too nice for punk, too unironic for New Wave, too smart for pop. Just some decent English lads doing songs about beer, money, and women, and in about that order.

Yeah, they sold a lot of records and I hope they made a ton of money, but it feels like their inability to get pigeonholed kept them from superstardom.

Dang, though, could they write a lyric and a song.

“Up The Junction” is a simple tale of a small dream pissed away, with a spare lyric earning its impact from small details. The music might sound dated, but it’s such a perfect match for the lyric that you just can’t fault it.

I’ll play some of their more upbeat stuff at a later date, but after a month of disco I figured we needed a little downtime.