Leave My President Alone!


Look, I know it’s too soon to gloat. In fact, I’m deep into the Night Sweats/Night Terror Zone where the bags under my eyes could store enough gear for a week in the woods — and I don’t pack light. And yet I did find one of my big toes doing a miniaturized Happy Dance whilst reading this story from Newsbusters:


The CBS This Morning crew on Tuesday alternated between confusion as to why Barack Obama may be driving Republicans to a big midterm victory and strident declarations that the GOP would have no mandate. Co-host Charlie Rose talked with political director John Dickerson and wondered of disenchanted voters: “So, why is it they don’t like this President so much? Is it a spillover from ObamaCare or something else?”

Dickerson declared that the midterm elections are not “about a set of ideas.” Perhaps looking for reassurance about next Tuesday, Rose insisted, “…If the Republicans win the Senate and control the Congress, they have no mandate.” Co-host Norah O’Donnell pre-spun the bad news: “If Republicans take control, they’re going to win in six Senate seats that Mitt Romney won by double digits in the last presidential election. Where’s the mandate for compromise in that?”

O’Donnell then tried to downplay the importance of the elections, noting, “Every midterm election, that since World War II, the President’s opposing party has lost an average of six seats. It’s really about a fickle public.”


A fickle public — I’m sure that’s exactly what O’Donnell was saying in October, 2006.

In case you’re wondering, I’ll be tuned into MSNBC exclusively next Tuesday night, because schadenfreude is a dish best served with a cold martini.

And if the election doesn’t pan out? Martinis go just as well with despair.


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