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HIV-positive patients in Florida are about to feel the squeeze:

“The landscape of healthcare has changed, and with the passage of the Affordable Care Act we have the opportunity to access and enroll in cost-effective health plans,” an official at the AICP wrote in a letter to its clients, including Tony Smith of Coral Springs.

Saying that AICP “saved my life,” Smith, 42, explained that under his current plan the program picks up $750 of his monthly $803 premium, as well as the monthly co-pay of $110 for medications.

However, with the Humana silver plan under Obamacare for example, Smith would have to pay a $1,500 prescription deductible and half of his total drug costs. His antiretroviral drugs alone would mean he’d have to shell out nearly $1,000 a month until he reached a $6,300 out-of-pocket limit, the Herald said.

“That’s just such a crazy jump from what I’m paying now,” Smith said. “I’m drowning in paperwork trying to figure out what sort of plan I’ll need. And I’m really worried that I’m just going to be stuck if enrollment opens and there aren’t any I can afford.”


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