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I ask for an on-the-ground report on the New Hampshire Senate race, and Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Reader™ Makster delivers:

My on-the-ground report is based mostly on looking at signs while walking the dog or driving around.

I am not seeing as many Shaheen/Kuster signs as I would have expected in my mostly blue neighborhood of my handily blue city. Even some of the yards of people that I personally know are Democrats with conviction are standing bare, to my surprise. And I am seeing more Brown, and especially Garcia, signs than was the case with the Republicans in 2012.

One thing that is really interesting, is that quite a few places would have signs for State Rep or State Senate Dems, but none for either Shaheen or Kuster.
I don’t remember seeing much of this in the previous few cycles.

On the other hand, every single ad I’ve heard on Pandora was a Democrat one. Every single one.

On the balance, I am cautiously optimistic.


Anyone else?


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