Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day


Unpopular law remains unpopular:

Why didn’t increasing insurance coverage for millions of people make the law more popular? One hypothesis: Most of the people who got coverage were always in the supporter camp, and those who oppose Obamacare are mostly people who don’t have much to gain from it (i.e., they already have coverage through employers or Medicare). And there are such places as Kentucky, where the law broadly succeeded yet remains unpopular with voters, including some who benefited from it.


That Means It’s Working™

More seriously, I need to reiterate a point I’ve made here a couple times before.

Despite both legally mandating and subsidizing insurance coverage, ♡bamaCare!!! enrolled only about 7 million of the nation’s 40-plus million who were previously uninsured — minus an unknown number who lost their plans due to ♡bamaCare!!!, then purchased ACA-approved plans on the exchanges. That’s a huge miss. The law did successfully expand Medicaid coverage to millions more, but all that accomplished was to increase the scope and expense of the welfare state. Medicaid expansion did nothing, zilch, nada to increase private coverage or to reduce expenses to the taxpayer.

That’s a lousy winner-to-loser ratio, which explains ♡bamaCare!!!’s lousy poll numbers.


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