ISIL Making Big Push into Kurdistan

It’s been a god news/bad news day for the Kurds, who face multiple ISIL attacks far from Kobani:

The deadliest of the attacks targeted Mosul Dam, a hugely important location.

First, an ISIS-commandeered military truck loaded with explosives targeted a Peshmerga checkpoint along the security belt circling the dam, killing six Peshmerga security forces and injuring seven others critically, according to Peshmerga forces spokesman Said Mamazeen.

At almost the same time, ISIS militants launched an attack on the Nineveh Valley near the dam, which was repelled by Peshmerga forces using European and American weapons, the spokesman said.

Another Kurdish military official, who asked not to be named for protocol and security reasons, said that despite the attacks, it would be difficult for ISIS to gain control of the dam because of the large numbers of Peshmerga forces in the area.


You might recall that ISIL took the dam last summer, but were pushed back by Peshmerga and Coalition air strikes. I fear they’ll blow the thing if they manage to take it a second time.


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