So Which Side Won the Air War?


In the midst of our semi-semi air war against IS/Caliphate, you might have missed the latest action on the ground. Bill Roggio reports:

The Islamic State released photographs of last week’s rout of an Iraqi Army unit in the Saqwaliya area north of Fallujah in Anbar province. More than 300 Iraqi troops are reported to have been killed in the attack.

The pictures from the assault on Camp Saqwaliya were released on Twitter by fighters and supporters of the Islamic State. Recently the Islamic State has begun to release its propaganda on Twitter via its supporters. Twitter has taken an active role in suspending official accounts associated to the Islamic State’s wiliyats, or administrative districts.

While the authenticity of the photographs cannot be confirmed, the captions bear the title of Wilayat Fallujah. In the past, photographs released using this method by the Islamic State have proven to be authentic.


I follow these things for a living and yet still managed to get to this story three days after it was posted. Imagine how uninformed the average American is about the facts on the ground.

The headline comes from an old Cold War joke. It goes like this.

At the end of World War III, two Soviet Army generals are standing on a balcony in Paris, watching as their soldiers march in victory below towards the Arc de Triomphe. One general turns to the other and asks, “So which side won the air war?”


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