"With Jews We Lose"



A man with a history in the white supremacist movement has reportedly posted a series of anti-Semitic campaign signs throughout northern Kentucky as part of his write-in bid to unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R).

Television station WLWT reported on Tuesday that the signs, which read “With Jews We Lose,” are part of Robert Ransdell’s longshot candidacy.

Ransdell spoke with WLWT and seemed optimistic about his campaign.

“Online we have had a lot of positive feedback,” he said. “Like I said we’re going to find out what kind of feedback we get once we go out and take it to the people here in the state of Kentucky.”

Ransdell also shared his views on race with the television station.

“I believe that there is no such thing as racial equality,” Ransdell said. “You see that in our cities everyday.”


I predict McConnell will be just fine.

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