Friday Night Videos

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It’s hard to believe it, but when I looked up the Climax Blues Band for this week’s FNV, it turns out these guys are still playing. A different lineup, of course — they’ve been through several since 1968 — but CBB is extant.


“Couldn’t Get It Right” is one of those mid-’70s AM radio hits I toted around day camp with me, blaring with as much volume as I could squeeze out of an avocado green handset radio. It didn’t help that I liked to take the 9V battery out a couple times a day and let the contacts tingle my tongue.

Also managed to find this Top of the Pops appearance, from so long ago that bands still played their music instead of just lip syncing their Autotuned “vocals.”

Fun band with some serious longevity to is credit, thanks in no small part to this nifty little single.

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