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Senator Rand Paul wants to get serious about the Islamic State:

If I had been in President Obama’s shoes, I would have acted more decisively and strongly against ISIS

Some pundits are surprised that I support destroying the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) militarily. They shouldn’t be. I’ve said since I began public life that I am not an isolationist, nor am I an interventionist. I look at the world, and consider war, realistically and constitutionally.

I still see war as the last resort. But I agree with Reagan’s idea that no country should mistake U.S. reluctance for war for a lack of resolve.


Read the whole thing.

It’s always been my hope that as more libertarian-leaning politicians rose to power, they’d see that there are bad people in this world in serious need of killing before they kill us. It’s called “getting serious” about foreign policy. Ron Paul, Rand’s father, never did that, not even when he was running for President. Rand is getting serious, and it’s good to see.


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