Coalition of the Chillin'


File this one under What’s Taking So Long? Read:

The United States said on Friday it was forming a “core coalition” to battle Islamic State militants in Iraq, calling for broad support from allies and partners but ruling out committing ground forces.

President Barack Obama sought to use a NATO summit in Wales to enlist allied support in fighting the Islamist militants, but it is unclear how many nations might join the United States in air strikes in Iraq.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told foreign and defense ministers from 10 nations on the sidelines of the summit that there were many ways they could help.


Forming a coalition against a group as hostile to everybody as IS/Caliphate is, shouldn’t be any more difficult or take any longer than a magnet takes to arrange iron filings in an arc. That is to say, it should just happen.

The Caliphate is so terroristically murderous to anything Not-Caliphate, that everyone in its path should align itself, just like those iron filings, to any strong force. Up until recent years, we were that force. Now the filings have nothing to align to, which is why we find ourselves struggling at this late date to put together a coalition.


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