What's the Matter with Kansas This Time?

For starters, the Democrats are up to their usual tricks in the Senate race there:

[Democrat Chad] Taylor’s decision to drop out of the race elevates Greg Orman, a well-funded independent candidate whose television ads have been on the Kansas airwaves since July. With a libertarian who may take votes from the right also on the ballot, Mr. Roberts, thought to be a relatively safe incumbent, could be in jeopardy.

Further, Republicans’ expectations nationally that they would have to defend just two seats – Kentucky and Georgia – in a year that finds them targeting as many as a dozen Democratic-controlled seats — have suddenly been scuttled. With many of the most competitive Senate races still effectively tied two months until the election, surprises in places like Kansas could prove crucial in determining if Republicans take the six seats they need to win a Senate majority.


So what is GOP incumbent Pat Roberts doing about it? This:

National Republicans on Thursday moved to take control of the campaign of Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas, a day after his hopes for re-election and those of his party for taking control of the Senate were threatened by the sudden withdrawal of the Democrat in the race.



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