Run, Liz, Run!


Elizabeth Warren, who swears she isn’t running for President, sounds an awful lot like someone attacking the presumed frontrunner as she prepares the ground for a presidential bid:


While discussing former Rep. Eric Cantor’s move from Capitol Hill to a private sector position at a leading investment bank, Ms. Warren was asked by news host Katie Couric of her perception of Mrs. Clinton — if the former first lady was “too cozy” with Wall Street, Mediaite reported.

Ms. Warren waxed diplomatic, but said: “You know, I worry a lot about the relationship between all of them — regulators, government and Wall Street,” Mediaite reported.

Ms. Couric then followed up: “But what about Hillary Clinton in particular?”

Ms. Warren’s reply: “Well, I worry across the board. … We have a Washington that works for anyone who can hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers [and] doesn’t work for regular families.”

Warren currently represents the Democrats’ youth wing and will turn 67 in 2016.


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