The Approval You Seek

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Senator Rand Paul wants the President to ask Congress before re-expanding the Iraq War:

“Constitutionally, he should come forward with a plan to Congress and we vote for it or against it. It’s the same way with, you know, bombing Libya, war with Libya or bombing Iraq,” Paul said. “With regard to Iraq … I have an open mind as to exactly what we do.”


I sympathize with Rand’s position, especially regarding the Libya War. If there ever was an illegal war, that was it — no immediate threat to us, or to our national interests, or to our allies, and no approval from Congress. Obama did in Libya what the left (without foundation) accused Bush of doing in Iraq. The result in a fractured and burning Libya, but Obama lacks the political or legal authority to go in for real and fix what he broke. Libya is just another hotspot for terrorists, but it didn’t have to be that way.

Regarding Iraq, however, the original authorization for the use of force is still in effect, giving Obama all the legal authority he needs to take action there. What he ought to do is go to the American people, like Bush did before ordering the 2007 Iraq Surge.

But I’m not sure he has a decent enough respect for the opinions of his fellow Americans to be bothered.


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