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You might have forgotten, you lucky devil, that Bruce Willis put out an album in ’87, The Return Of Bruno. The album served as the sidekick to the HBO mockumentary of fake R&B idol Bruno Radolini. I haven’t seen the movie since it first came out, but I remember that just about every big name in music had at least a cameo, as Radolini was shown, Zelig-like, making his way through big events in rock history.


I remember it being a not-bad little show. The album… meh, not so much. Without the Zelig stuff and all the big stars, you’re just stuck listening to Bruce Willis — and he’s not that good.

But this one cut, “Comin’ Right Up,” is an ode to Willis’ early bartending jobs — and a semi-occasional earworm of mine. It’s still enjoyable in a fun, stupid way.

Now I’m going to go see if I can find the movie on Netflix…


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