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Richard Fernandez sums up the deteriorating situation in Iraq and concludes:

The only way things could be worse is for US troops in Afghanistan find themselves trapped, denied passage by Pakistan or Russia. Of course that could never happen because the press never considers the possibility and it considers Obama too “respected” for that to occur.

When you add in the Eastern European crisis and the growing expansion of China to the Middle Eastern collapse, it is not hard to see the obvious. Unless a miracle saves Obama, the nation will be facing a global and existential security crisis within a short time. America will face a supercharged Islamic terrorism with thousands of recruits in the West available as a 5th Column, supplied with vast amounts of money and in potential possession of most of the world’s oil. For how long until Saudi Arabia’s Islamic children eat its parents?

And then the real price of Obama’s campaign to stuff the voter rolls with “undocumented aliens” will soon have to be paid. Like a child throwing a tantrum, president Obama has deemed it clever to throw open the southern border, ascribing what any sane person would regard as territorial suicide to high-minded humanitarianism. It has somehow become cool to encourage the invasion of America and racist to even consider that might be bad idea. But through that portal, what might come? Well, Bienvenido y Allah Akbar.


Read the whole thing.

This of course is the price of trying to win the respect of our enemies while treating the domestic political opposition with utter ruthlessness — up to and including opening wide our southern border.

It may well be that nobody will ever replace James Buchanan as our nation’s worst President. Maybe. But there is no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama is the worst man to ever inhabit the office.


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